Personalised to your business

  • Import your company logo.
  • Enter company information to print on all external documents.
  • zedonk handles sizes and colours in a sensible way, using the matrix typical of the clothing industry, enter the size categories and how you would like them to be displayed on order documents.
  • Set your guide mark-ups for cost to wholesale & wholesale to retail.
  • Predefine a list of different payment terms and set your invoice numbers to start where your old system left off.
  • Single or multi-user*, privileges can be set to restrict user access.
  • Single or multi-currencies*, you control exchange rates and bank accounts.
  • Categorize customers, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Create new seasons to easily manage the cycles of Sales/Purchasing/Production/Delivery.

Manage Customers,
Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Easy entry of data into the address books.
  • Preset currency default & VAT applicable status.
  • List or individual views for all records.
  • Search, sort & find by category, name, city, country.
  • Enter comments.
  • Print mail and carton labels for packaging goods/materials.
  • Export all data to pdf, word, excel or csv files.
  • Report on current or historic order values, cost & profit.


  • Calculate the cost of products easily, accurately and efficiently for domestic or imported goods, finished or CMT (cut, make & trim).
  • Assign a size category to the product.
  • Copy an existing style to simply create a new one, we understand the need to create a new range quickly; simple is paramount.
  • Upload a line drawing or digital photo to the product, to be displayed on line sheets and production orders.
  • Add Customs info (HS, Intrastat or MID codes) to products for use on export documents.
  • Build your product, selecting raw materials from drop-down menus.
  • Record production notes for use on dockets.
  • Set the final selling price for wholesale and retail.
  • Convert price lists to other currencies.*
  • Print swing tag labels for sample collections, print or email price lists & line sheets.
  • Reports on cost summaries, make costs, gross profits and best sellers are easily exported to pdf, excel, word or csv.

Order Management

  • Effortlessly enter customer orders and generate order confirmations, proformas, delivery notes and invoices, email or print documents in pdf format.
  • Manage and create the documents using our simple order tracking system, the system will easily deal with split deliveries.
  • Visual flags will indicate the status of documents.
  • Invoices are customs compliant and suitable for export, complete with export declarations.
  • Lock documents to avoid accidental alteration.
  • Ability to report extensively by customer or country, delivery status, ready to ship, sold v delivered, costs v profit and more.
  • All reports including invoice listings, with all the relevant information required by your bookkeeper, are exportable to pdf, word, excel or csv.


  • Analyse your order book.
  • Generate production orders by manufacturer, product, fabric, customer, delivery period and more.
  • Print production orders as a cutting order with picture and production notes or as a purchase order with financial values.
  • Produce fabric and general material consumption reports.
  • View the status, pending production or work in progress (WIP).
  • Create sticky labels for production.
  • Simplify distribution with pick & pack listings, ready to ship, open orders and many more reports.
  • Export reports to pdf, word, excel or csv.

The Inventory module** provides users with advanced control over the production, starting with an overview of the production order status.

  • Book out the raw materials required by the manufacturer to produce the production orders and reduce inventory. Print delivery notes to manufacturers.
  • When the products are received from the manufacturer, book them in to update the stock inventory, the system will easily keep track of multiple deliveries made by your manufacturer, view the status pending (work in progress, partial or complete).
  • Search by due dates, manufacturers, products and more to help you plan.

Product Stock Inventory**

The Inventory module** presents the user with a full overview on the status and value of the product stocks.

  • Products are automatically received into the stock inventory when production orders are fulfilled.
  • Product stock inventory is automatically reduced when products are delivered to Customers.
  • The comprehensive overview includes - stock sold (on customers sales orders), stock ordered (from the manufacturer), stock received (from the manufacturer) stock dispatched (delivered to customers), stock adjustments (positive or negative), stock to order (production required to fulfill orders), closing stock (qty on the shelf).
  • Full reporting includes: work in progress (still in production), available to sell (free stock not attached to sales orders), projected stock (in production, not received & not attached to sales orders).
  • Reports are exportable to pdf, excel or csv files.

Raw Materials

  • zedonk will calculate all the materials that will be required to manufacture all the garments on the customers orders or production orders for the season and visually indicate when there is a need to purchase those raw materials.
  • Store information and costs of fabrics, trims and garment processes.
  • Use both suppliers reference & your reference.
  • Search & find or print by category, reference or supplier.
  • Enter the cost of the raw material in other currencies*.
  • Direct link to purchase orders.
  • Reports - extensive reporting all exportable to pdf, word, excel or csv.

Purchase Orders

  • Generate purchase orders to suppliers of raw materials.
  • Automatically calculates & displays the quantity of raw materials required to fulfill the sales (and production) orders.
  • Raise purchase orders in other currencies*.
  • Print or email the purchase orders to suppliers in pdf format.
  • The list view of purchase orders provides for easy management.
  • Search by supplier or raw material.
  • The inventory module** allows the user to book in and manage multiple receipts of raw materials and view the status of the purchase orders: pending, partial or complete. Search by due dates to help with planning.

Raw Materials Stock Inventory**

The Inventory module** presents the user with a full overview on the status and value of the raw material stocks.

  • Raw Materials are automatically received into stock inventory when purchase orders are fulfilled.
  • Raw Material Inventory is automatically reduced when materials are dispatched/booked out to manufacturers.
  • The list view provides an excellent overview - qty required (used in products on sales/production orders), qty ordered (on purchase orders), qty received (from supplier), qty delivered (to manufacturer), Closing stock.
  • With further reporting on expected stock, projected stock and purchasing required.
  • Reports are exportable to pdf, excel or csv files.


Within zedonk there is a dynamic, extensive and powerful reporting system, reports can be exported to pdf, word, excel or csv.

  • Create your own reports, group and filter them how you wish and export to pdf, word, csv, or excel.
  • Use existing reports including Open Sales Orders, Order Delivery Status, Ready to Ship**, Production Required**, Purchasing Required**, Bestsellers, Workflow, Make Costs, Gross Profit by Customer, Order Gross Profit, Invoice Listings and much more.


  • zedonk is integrated with e-conomic, a web-based accounts package.
  • e-conomic is an Internet-based accounting system. It contains all the functions of a conventional accounting system - and a little more.
  • e-conomic will take care of all of your bookkeeping and accounts while zedonk will manage your fashion business.
  • Create your invoices (and credit notes) in zedonk and seamlessly transfer them to e-conomic.
  • Speed up the workflow and transition to accounting, saving time and minimizing errors.

zedonk is available as a standard package with one user and one currency. */** Additional Users or currencies/the Inventory Module are optional extras. *** Implementing e-conomic is also an optional extra in zedonk and requires a license from e-conomic.

About zedonk

Intuitive and straightforward, F2iT's zedonk is affordable online business software for designers and producers of clothing, footwear, accessories and jewellery.

Dealing naturally with seasons, sizes and colours, the program revolutionises production and sales whilst saving you time, money and minimising errors. It's easy to set up and even easier to use, all information is in one place rather than on multiple spreadsheets. Order confirmations, deliveries and commercial invoices take no time at all and with the touch of a button, you can produce production orders, purchase orders and keep up to date with raw material requirements and stock levels.

In The Beginning...

In 2001, after 20 years in the fashion business Marcia Lazar was determined to find a software package that dealt with the needs of a small design company. There was nothing available that could cope with the range of sizes and colours. Marcia bought a book and wrote the first generation F2iT software. It took years of development and testing, to bring the software to its current online incarnation. That work, to date, has gone on to benefit over 200 designers and production houses in over 20 countries around the globe.