An easier life...

zedonk makes managing your order book simple, and gives useful information to help plan quantities. It deals happily with split deliveries. You can cross-reference information and spot mistakes much more easily than with spreadsheets.

zedonk is easy to use and available online so you can access information wherever you are. And you're not alone, we give fantastic technical help and back-up.

Time and Money

zedonk saves you time and money. It speeds up admin, streamlines workflow and helps to reduce errors. Our easy and affordable online sales/production tool is painless, practical and cost-effective. Designed specifically for their needs, zedonk is better tailored to the running of small to medium design businesses.

zedonk generates all your paperwork at a click of a button, from Purchase Orders all the way to Commercial Invoices.


We are from fashion, we understand fashion!

This is a system with an understanding of the fashion world! It is created as a solution to our needs. Elise Gug

You can tell zedonk has been written by someone who has done the job as it works simply, logically and extremely efficiently. Genius! Mother of Pearl

Perfect for the garment industry

zedonk is user-friendly software, perfect for the garment industry, it lets us know which suppliers, styles, colours, boys or girls are doing well instantly. It also helps in making invoices. Great for distribution and 'picking and packing'... it's simple and accurate. Komodo

Unbeatably Affordable

This great online system nicely organizes anything you need to know from the conception to the latest delivery of a fashion collection. To top it off zedonk is unbeatably affordable, with an easily reached and fully committed hotline! Martin Grant

Easy to use, saves time, revolutionizes production

F2iT really makes sense and is easy to use, even for those of us who are not the most computer literate. This program revolutionises production, it saves enormous amounts of time. Any information you need is at the touch of a button. We are delighted with zedonk and we would recommend it to any business as the best possible solution to all production problems and headaches. The technical support is excellent and very easy to understand. This is the best money any business could spend. Preen

The system from F2iT has been a great addition to our business. So much time is saved in production. Costing, fabric ordering, distribution, sales analysis and invoicing are all easier and more efficient. Roksanda Ilincic

Minimise errors

Without zedonk I am not sure there would be enough hours in the day to maintain an effective production and distribution programme. It has saved us so much time and minimised errors to such an extent that we would be lost without it. We are a very small team and zedonk has become essential with the added benefit that it is incredibly easy to use. Thank you. 19RM

It saves a great deal of time in costing garments and also in calculating the amount of fabric needed for production. It is really useful to have all the information kept together in one place. Another of the major benefits is when it comes to packing. The program creates a list of what should be packed for each customer and we find this very useful. Since using the program we have found that we have made a lot less mistakes, either in costing, fabric ordering or delivering. We would be happy to recommend the program to anyone. Peter Jensen

Saves money

We use masses of different fabrics and trims and I was always running out of something as more orders and re-orders came in, causing hold ups in production and lost sales. Pricing was also always a fraught, last minute, late night affair but now I can see at a glance all the costs and mark-up. zedonk makes it easy, keeps me in charge and saves me money! Pazuki

Keeps production organized

zedonk has made the production run so much smoother than ever before. We have found packing the order so much easier with the pick and pack lists. Invoicing is quick and easy as we can bill our customers in any currency. Delivery notes have no prices on them, which is great for shipping. zedonk has helped keep production organized so we can see what has been ordered and when. The Jacksons

Intuitive and straightforward

Given that it generally takes five of us two hours to change the cartridge on the fax machine, using zedonk has proved fantastically simple for all of us technophobes. It is intuitive and very straightforward. I think I am in love. Even when having a blonde moment we can ring up someone who will sort out any problems straight away. Paddy Campbell

Like having another member of staff

zedonk has been a huge benefit to us, it is almost like having another member of staff! So simple and straightforward to use, it has enabled us to calculate our costings much more accurately and ensure a good, consistent mark-up throughout the collection. Order confirmations, invoices and commercial invoices now take no time at all. It has saved us such a huge amount of time and stress...I wouldn't have got through last season without it! Marios Schwab

What did we do before zedonk?

zedonk is the perfect program to stay on top of your production, orders and invoicing. It certainly has made a huge impact on the organization of our business. What did we do before zedonk? I don't even want to remember! Felder Felder

It's ideal for a brand of our size

We have been using zedonk for several seasons now and the whole team from sampling through to sales and production has found it effective and easy to use. The technical support from F2iT is excellent and although full training was given at the beginning, it's so straightforward and logical that it's never difficult to find the information you are looking for. It's ideal for a brand or our size as it streamlines our production and gives us scope to expand or increase volumes with little additional effort. Eley Kishimoto

Takes minutes to learn

zedonk has helped speed up our production times and cut down on duplicating information. The production analysis section is particularly helpful with all the season's information available at the touch of a button. It is so easy to use and takes minutes to learn. I can't praise it enough. Anna Scholz

A really great value product

zedonk has made such a difference to our company that I can hardly remember how we managed without it! No production run is too big or too small, it is really easy to set up, and even easier to use. If we ever have a query, the support team at F2iT is always ready to help and go out of their way to resolve things as quickly as possible. All in all, a really great value product! Bellville Sassoon

Take away the complications

The development of a fashion start up is a tough business. Designer manufacturers need to focus on product, innovation, customer relations and reliable delivery. You will probably build up a range of controls and systems to help you control the commercial parts of your operation however as you develop these systems tend to fail and are prone to multiple data capture entries of the same information, which in turn lead to human error input problems and legacy data retrieval issues. zedonk has taken these complications away from our business and allowed us to focus on our core objective getting our products to market on time. This helps our customer relationships and naturally improves business growth. The bottom line is you could not employ someone full time with experience to do a better job of what zedonk does in a fraction of the time reliably. Catherine Deane

Information is easily accessed

Implementing zedonk as a system in our company has inexplicably changed our working day experience. Creating a pleasurable work experience wherein information is easily accessed. It is a fantastic production programme, which has been well thought through, catering to the specific and varied needs of production and manufacture.

The clear interface and layout makes for easy reading and location of information within the page and the many different search options allows for the location of information at a touch of a button. The F2iT team is always on hand to deal with any queries or questions one might have while being really friendly and approachable. The programme is a most valuable asset to the company. Implementing zedonk was the best thing I could have done, often wondering how we ever survived with out it! Thanking the F2iT team! Jas M.B.


zedonk has enabled us to simplify and streamline our systems from order input, to delivery and invoicing. It is easy to use and the fact that it is webbased means that we can access it wherever we are. The team is always on hand for back up and advice and open to suggestions for improvement. Opika

With so many of our key people travelling so often it would be impossible to run our production so smoothly without zedonk. Even without the benefit of being able to access our production and order info online the structure of the programme has removed all the duplication of information and reduced errors significantly. Richard Nicoll

zedonk continues to evolve

As a veteran user of zedonk its great to see how the product has and continues to evolve with the changing needs of the Industry. It's the glue that holds the four walls together. Baby Ceylon

zedonk has helped us in so many ways; from keeping track of stock to running reports which cuts down paperwork and excel sheets dramatically. It is a great tool to use to bring organization and formality to your business, not only from a sales point of view but it also helps in areas of production. Also, I love the fact that the team is always on hand to help with any query and are always willing to make amendments and updates. MiH

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